Why are you writing music everyday for a year?

I thought it would be fun to try and create a habit of doing something everyday. The idea of starting and finishing a piece in a day was very appealing at the start of the year, and still is now.

Are all of your scores handwritten?


What is the 'other' section for?

Other stuff that wasn't part of the daily music or that I thought deserved more highlighting.

Is everything you've ever created on here?

Not quite, almost everything that I have recordings of is on here, but there are some things missing from a couple of years ago.

Why have you only written music for the piano this year?

The piano is the only instrument that I have readily available to record 24/7, and its the only instrument I can competently play. Having full control over the recording process makes finishing a piece in a day a much more manageable task.

Do you think you'll make the full year?


Does it make you happy?

It doesn't make me sad.

Why didn't you manage to write music for a full year?

See reasonings.