people look but say nothing

a spoken vocal performance

people look but say nothing is a piece about experimenting with trying to make music out of seemingly boring source material. Using broken up silence, harsh sounding stutters, and highlighting small details, like pronouns, the piece helps to bring together all of these tools to create a melancholic look at a ten-minute conversation. The overall sound created is subdued and relaxed, but the piece holds interest throughout, with the twists and turns it takes and the piece disintegrating as it continues. When writing people look but say nothing I wanted it to act as a piece to help challenge what people think music should be. Music can be, and is more than just notes on a page. The piece helps to channels my feelings towards what music is, with my voice being the solo instrument in the work.

All sounds are recorded by Henry Metherell. Other voices featuring are: Alex Wilson, Alice Harper, Arthur Andrews, Beth Thorne, Dominic Street, Kat Archer, Paddy West, Samuel Smith and Sarah Lawson-Tilley.